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Show Me The Money Workshop

Ready to EXPONENTIALLY GROW your business every single month?


March 15th // 9am - 12pm EST

Ridgetop Coffee & Tea

21631 Ridgetop Circle, Sterling, VA 20166

What People are Saying...

"Katie is the real deal! Most people talk a good game using catch phrases and chapters they took from the last book they read. Katie alchemizes real world experience with practical grit and creativity to bring the audience immediately actionable content."

Mark J. Silverman | Founder and CEO Mastering Midlife

When you started your company and you dreamed of freedom, being your own boss, and big bountiful earnings, did you think about how frustrating this path could be when the money isn’t rolling in as you expected it to?

So often, it is really discouraging to find out that you are working like crazy and barely getting by financially.

All you need is a few powerful tweaks that make all the difference financially.

That is why I am sharing some of my earning power magic with you.

If you’re not certain how to assign value and price your offer, this workshop is for you.

What's Your offer?

Learn how to easily create packages designed to make you more money and allow flexibility in your schedule to properly serve your clients - at every level!


Discover & embrace your natural ability to sell and create more profit, simply by structuring your offerings in a way that engages your clients.

master your sales

By learning how to properly price your packages, and create a natural progression for your Ideal Clients to work with you, you can make more money and serve your clients better at every level!


“Kelly was able to make complex concepts easy to understand and apply to my own business. She also presents those seemingly obvious business lessons into impactful ‘aha’ moments that continue to stick with me to this day. Kelly is a brilliant speaker and an experienced professional who puts action behind her words to ensure everyone has something valuable to take home with them.”

Amanda Zack | Lantern Room Creative

Imagine what it would mean for your business if you knew:

Exactly which steps to take, in the right order to maximize your earnings, instead of being constantly overwhelmed with so much to do, and unsure which options will pay off financially.

One simple action that you can most likely implement immediately that could add thousands to every month’s income. [Seriously!]

How to structure your business so that you can work with whatever price point your clients can afford, but keep them coming back for more, without having to re-sell anything.

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Kelly Ann Peck, Top 6 Business Coach

Kelly Ann Peck, business coach and serial entrepreneur, is committed to helping creative entrepreneurs forge their own path to a six-figure business. She supports her clients in creating their success roadmap while discovering more freedom in entrepreneurship!

"I was worried my business was never going to grow and I was going to be stuck where I was forever. Kelly helped me break down the wall that was preventing me from seeing how much potential I have.

I have seen my business grow more than I could have ever imagined. Now my bank account actually has money in it doing the job I love. "

Grace Hutson | Oh Goodness Gracious Photography

"I've been in business for nearly 20 years and I have not had such a clear direction as to where I'm going with my business, who my target market is, and HOW MUCH I SHOULD BE CHARGING!!

It's been a real game-changer for me and I recommend her 100%!"

Jennifer Andos | Paper Fish Creative

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