Show Me The Money!

Ready to exponentially grow your business every single month?

May 10th, 2023 | 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. EST

Ever wake up to check your bank account, wishing it magically grew overnight? Running a business is all about making money, so it can be discouraging when you’re exhausting all of your revenue channels but barely move the needle. This event is designed to dismantle your limiting beliefs about making money and provide you with real-world strategies to increase profits in your business. 

How would your business change if you...

  • Knew that your offers were irresistible to your ideal clients?

  • Felt confident that your pricing valued your time and expertise?

  • Could focus your energy on new projects without having to hustle for every last dollar?

In this empowering event you'll walk away knowing:

  • The mindset shifts you need to embrace to grow your bank account

  • Discover & embrace your natural ability to sell and create more profit, simply by structuring your offerings in a way that engages your clients.

  • Strategies for leveraging your time and increasing value without increasing your workload

Who is this for?

This event was designed for entrepreneur that is charging below their worth but worried about raising prices and losing business. They know they need offerings that attract their dream clients, but they need help structuring compelling packages to seal the deal.

Where: Zoom

When: May 10th from 3:00pm - 4:30pm EST

Who: Led by Kelly Ann Peck + you and like-minded entrepreneurs

Why: Because you’re ready to see your bank account grow!


Kelly Ann Peck

HCIC: Head Coach In Charge

Kelly Ann Peck, is the HCIC: Head Coach in Charge with Sales UpRising, is on a mission to break molds and shatter assumptions. She firmly believes it should not be that only 10% of businesses reach sales totals of six figures or more. She’s proved it! Kelly has had a 24-year career in sales and business growth and earned more than $23 million in revenue. She has helped countless companies transform their operations and become powerhouses. She has also spent years developing the message that businesses can become the success story they were meant to be. Kelly’s expertise is in high demand. She has guested on national and international podcasts, shared her insights at major conferences across the country, and created Mastermind courses for business owners and CEOs who are hungry to get to the next level.

“Kelly was able to make complex concepts easy to understand and apply to my own business. She also presents those seemingly obvious business lessons into impactful ‘aha’ moments that continue to stick with me to this day.

Kelly is a brilliant speaker and an experienced professional who puts action behind her words to ensure everyone has something valuable to take home with them.”

Amanda Zack

Lantern Room Creative